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My name is Daniel Hermosillo, better known as "Danny." I am a queer Latine creative in Los Angeles who loves their coffee iced and their spaces unapologetically queer and colorful. 


Growing up, I was not always able to voice my emotions, but I quickly learned how to do that through creating. My interest in Fine Arts started at a young age through my fascination of storytelling; saying what I was not able to through imagery, color, and various art forms. I received a BFA in Illustration from California State University, Long Beach in 2016. Upon taking a break from creating art, my love for photography grew rapidly. Since then, I have learned so much, and have met many beautiful and powerful people. Being able to share different stories and memories, meeting new faces and creating new connections is such an amazing aspect of photography that motivates me and keeps me inspired. 

I enjoy taking portraits of people and allowing their voices to be heard through my work. My goal is to showcase culture, beauty, strength, vulnerability while providing a safe space where people feel seen, and heard. There is so much inner beauty that needs to be celebrated and shown to the world. I also aim to show the representation I wish I had seen growing up. We are frequently shown inaccurate representation of Los Angeles and its communities in the media. The Los Angeles I know and love is so much more, and deserves to be showcased accurately. 

On my free time I enjoy reading, traveling, keeping up with pop culture, and educating myself on what is going on around me. I also love to draw, paint, and design when I am not taking photos. Contact me, let's get to know each other and create memories!

Clients include: FIGS, Netflix, Adidas, Footlocker, Nike, Spotify, ATTN: and more!

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